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Meet our landscapers and garden designers

The team have been working together for several years and have over 100 years of combined experience. ARC Landscape’s team has a wealth of knowledge and experience, trained members of staff, is fully insured and has a wide range of capabilities. Call us now in Southend-on-Sea for a free no-obligation quote.

Meet our team
Mitchel from ARC Landscapes

About me

I am the boss. I pride myself on my attention to detail and my communication skills, both of which have allowed me to successfully operate for over 15 years, driving my business forward and leaving behind me scores of satisfied clients, just check out some of our reviews as evidence of this.


My role in the company has changed markedly over the years. However, my main function now is as the first point of contact for any potential projects. I am the person who will arrive to all free of charge consultations, discuss your requirements, take site measurements and use this information to compile a design and quotation. I am also the designer and the years of experience I have gained in this discipline have helped me to understand the importance of a thoroughly well-planned project. Once the design and quotation process is complete, I will then present my plans to you in your home at a mutually convenient time. I am the person who also makes any alterations and to whom all future communication is addressed.


I will lead you through the design process and will oversee the build process on a daily basis. My communication skills are essential throughout the project, communicating to you, the client, on our schedule and progress, and to my team members on design elements, practical considerations, and general expectations. I have the added benefit of having a very capable and tight-knit team of staff who have known each other and worked alongside one another for a number of years, all of whom I trust implicitly to carry out my instructions on a day-to-day basis. I refer you again to our reviews which are a testament to the ability and professionalism of the team as a whole.

Contact your local garden designers in Southend-on-Sea now on 07988 174136.

Why choose us?

Fully insured

Highly trained staff

Bespoke service

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