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Bespoke garden designs tailored to your needs

Whether you want a high-end outdoor space to entertain guests or somewhere to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of your own little bit of nature, ARC Landscapes in Southend-on-Sea can create something unique for you.


A close-up of the flower bed with inset cube water feature and adjacent composite decked seating area
Freshly laid turf bordered by trees and flower beds
Explore the possibilities for free

We offer a completely free garden design service at ARC Landscapes. All projects we undertake are meticulously designed and planned prior to any works commencing.


The design process begins with an initial consultation where we discuss your needs and requirements, site measurements are taken, any existing features such as buildings, trees and changes in elevation are taken into consideration, then this information is used to provide a comprehensive 2D design and mood board upon which the quotation is calculated.

We consider all key elements

There are several key elements to any successful garden design: scale, for, line, texture and colour. Symmetry and balance are also important dimensions in landscape design. These concepts are used by designers to plan all kinds of open spaces. 

These principles run directly parallel to maintaining a clear vision of style and this vision should always be central when applying these design principles. An incoherent vision often results in an uncoordinated design and will have juxtaposing components.

Existing features

The designer should also take into consideration existing features of the space as this will have a major impact on the way design principles are imposed, and on the style most suited to the space.

A full view of the new installation to the rear of a house extension
Southend-on-Sea’s garden design experts

In our experience, the biggest challenge when designing a garden is balancing these design principles not just with a cohesive vision of an overarching style, but with the client’s specific needs and requirements. The ability to listen to the requirements of a client is paramount and then to communicate any issues or obstacles that this presents is also key in delivering a successful garden design. Whether the style is modern and contemporary, cottage or Victorian courtyard, minimalist or Mediterranean, communication between client and designer is essential to achieving the garden the client desires.

A designer imposing too many of their own ideas often results in a dissatisfied garden owner. The ability to listen, hear and communicate are arguably the designer's most useful tools, before even design principles and a cohesive vision of style. Contact us today to discuss your garden design needs.

A rainy evening view of the new bespoke garden design for a local home - featuring new turf
Composite decking and porcelain tile installation photographed on a rainy day

Call ARC Landscapes now on 07988 174136 to discuss your garden ideas.

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