Landscape Designers Southend-on-Sea

Arc Landscapes has a wealth of experience in the field of gardening and landscaping. Having had the pleasure of working with countless clients over the years, our expertise and dedication to our craft are unparalleled, with very few companies taking our result driven approach. We tirelessly to provide a service which focuses on making our customers happy, rather than making as much out of them as possible.

Each project starts with the same process; the assessment and design. To make sure that we build a style which will match your space, it’s best if we’re able to visit beforehand, as this will give our designers the chance to build a decent mental picture of the area. This can be handled as part of our free consultation service, making it worth giving us a call, even if you’re not entirely sold on the idea of renovating your garden.

Once they’ve seen the garden, our dedicated designers will begin to piece together some ideas for it. We’ve built outdoor spaces using themes in the past, with visions of the ocean and rainforests being extremely popular. Along with this, though, we can also go for something a little more subtle, with both traditional and modern designs available through our suppliers. We don’t stop until you’re pleased with the way our plans are panning out.

Each of the gardens we create is unique, but they can often share some standard features. The materials being used are a great example of this, with options like granite, wood, and concrete all serving to present a different look and feel which will make your garden feel unique. You can find examples of our past work on our site, offering some inspiration if you’re unsure about the sort of space you want.

Along with the materials which go into your garden, we also like to think seriously about the plants which call it home. Using a mix of expert theory and practical work, we can create arrangements of plants according to the light levels, type of soil, and the time you have to manage it all. Some gardens will require daily work, while others will be happy with being looked at once a month.

There are plenty of other features which can be added to your garden to make it even more special. Furniture is an excellent example of this, with loads of companies producing attractive tables, benches, and chairs to suit outdoor spaces. Along with this, you could also think about products like sundials, bird baths, and other ornaments which tie the human-made side of your garden with nature.

If you’re ready to get started on your garden or would like some advice, it’s well worth getting contact with us. Our dedicated team is always happy to help, and our free consultation service makes it easy to get the ball rolling without having to make any commitments. Knowing what to do with your garden can be a challenge, but it will be made easier if you have the best Landscape designers in Southend-on-Sea to help you.

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